Feelings And Hope

Sometimes, I want to yell to express my feelings, to feel the things that are running in my mind, but in fear of the thought that my voices may bother others, I say to myself:” Forget about it. Try another way!” So I pick up my pen or start my computer to write something of which even I myself cannot tell what these messes are.  These lines below are just that types of messes that I wrote it down nearly two years ago. Today, I wanted to blog because it is been very long time since I did not renew my blog. So I just wanted to share one of my very short writings with my beloved readers  though I have a few readers

 Invisible Hope 

Midnight is escaping from its prison to the morning light
Darkness is, one by one, killing the brighter mind
The eyes are sleeping into the dark
.Yet an eye of mind is searching for the Shining Star
The mind is dead, just left a useless sadness
And it seems really, unearthly bad
Yes, it is bad but
,Someone badly wants to get
One day, the mind reborn
For the darkness is escaping from its prison to the morning light


مەن بىر يېڭىياچى، ھەركۈنى سەھەردە تۇغۇلۇپ كەچتە ئۆلىمەن. ئەتىسى دۇنياغا يېڭىياچى پېتى قايتا تۇغۇلىمەن. ئۇنتۇيمەن، ئۇنتۇلدۇرىمەن، ئۇنتۇلدۇرۇلىمەن. ھەقىقەت ئىزدەيمەن، ئاخىردا ئۆلۈمنىڭ بوسىغىسىدا يېقىلىمەن.

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