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The time really flies. It was like just several days ago that they have started this semester, but it has almost come to the end of the semester. They have no idea how they have spent their time. But it is true that they are close to the final examination. They got a bit nervous about the exams.

“I feel like, I am going to fail in these exams.” Said a handsome boy.

“Well, then you really need to prepare for them very well.” Come over another boy`s voice from the front desk.

“I am thinking,” the handsome boy lowered his voice a bit, “but what if I fail after long preparation?” he looked so frustrated but still remained a bit confident.

“Well,” someone whom all people barely see but hear from the bottom their heart whispered, “it is OK to fail in that midterm or final examinations. You can have many opportunities to rewrite them. It is not big deal. The real matter here I want to remind you of is that life is just like having exams. In your lifetime you will have many, many exams and tests, not only in schools, colleges but also in the society you live around. Feel free if you flunk I school exams. Yes, you may fail in many tests of life, still feel free, don’t be panic, and just do them again in earnest. But always keep in mind, don’t fail in the exams and tests of humanity, say, you lie to someone who trusts you the most, not for once or twice but many times, or you secretly betray someone who loves with her or his whole heart, or you ignore the people who may use your help and then walk away as if it is nothing and so forth. Remember, these are the tests of life, these are really big problems which may follow you like your shadow all your lifetime for you cannot rewrite these tests and exams of the humanity as you can rewrite those school exams. So don’t worry about school exams, prepare very well before hand. Concentrate your attentions more on the tests of humanity, try in earnest not to fail it them, because if you fail in them you would be a real failure for your lifetime.”

Someone finished whispering. The handsome boy opened his book again and he himself whispered himself with a bright smile, “No problem, my dearest one, I will bear your words in my mind.”

The handsome boy took out a green colored pen from his pocket and wrote down a sentence on the paper: “To Myself and To Whom I love and Trust, Be Human All the Time, Even the Time When the Angel of Death Comes to End Our Lives. Then When We Take Our Last Breath We Can Say, ‘We Have Lived’. “


مەن بىر يېڭىياچى، ھەركۈنى سەھەردە تۇغۇلۇپ كەچتە ئۆلىمەن. ئەتىسى دۇنياغا يېڭىياچى پېتى قايتا تۇغۇلىمەن. ئۇنتۇيمەن، ئۇنتۇلدۇرىمەن، ئۇنتۇلدۇرۇلىمەن. ھەقىقەت ئىزدەيمەن، ئاخىردا ئۆلۈمنىڭ بوسىغىسىدا يېقىلىمەن.

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